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Children and Youth
Children and youth are one of our main missions in the benefice and we are proud to cater for activities and groups for children and young people from birth up to they are 18 years old at which stage many then help to run the groups they attended. Our junior Church sessions (Yalding) run all year round on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays at 9.30am.

Junior Choir School Yr 3 up to 16
Junior Church All ages up to 18
Little Fishes Parents, guardians, babies and toddlers
Cyclones Year 7 - Year 9 - when required
MTVessels Year 10 - year 13 - when required

Our All Age Worship service on the 4th Sunday at 10am is designed to appeal to all, but mainly for families, youth and children.

We invite all children to join in activites at the front of the Church where we can all watch what they create and they are encouraged to join in with singing and prayers.

Breakfast and refreshments are provided for all from 9.30am, and everyone is welcome. if you wish to discuss our Childrens services please contact Rachel Curley on 01622 814159 or rachel@dizrat.com

At all 3 of our Churches, we take Safe Guarding of Children very seriously, our Safe Guarding Officer for Yalding & Laddingford is Sue Crompton and she can be contacted by clicking here and for Collier Street please contact Rachel West by clicking here.

nyone within our churches that has contact with children has a DBS discloure completed.

For more information please see the Rochester Diocease website