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St. Mary, Laddingford

St. Mary’s, Laddingford was built around 1885 adjoining the school.  It is not consecrated and is not subject to Faculty jurisdiction.

Yalding Church PCC is the authority for Laddingford Church.

Yalding Parochial Church Council (PCC) is made up of 9 members, 2 Deanery Synod members and the Vicar is an ex-officio member including all sub committees. 

The PCC is divided into 3 Sub Committees and lead by:


Worship                                             Fr Paul Kish

Children & Youth                            

Finance                                             Philip Keeler



Ministry                                              Fr Paul Kish, Justin Elks LLM,  




Website                                             Daniel Sharman 



Laddingford Fabric                      Graham Spillman on behalf of the PCC

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